Emily's Letter

To my future self,

I hope that climate change hasn't destroyed our beautiful planet. Humanity is ruining the only earth we have and it terrifies me. At the moment, climate change is concerning me. We are polluting our air with greenhouses gases, causing global warming. Temperatures are rising and ice is melting. The ice melting is negatively affecting some of the animals on our planet. They are suffering and dying which breaks my heart. Our forests are being destroyed for human greed. The animals in these forests are losing their habitats and struggling to survive. Why should human greed hurt innocent animals? Without these animals, our planet cannot function normally. Humanity is destroying our planet for profit and power. There is no planet B and I hope that the planet has been saved for our generation and future generations. I hope that my future children were able to grow up in a world where the destruction of our planet is not used for profits and everyone cares for the environment. We need change so that our future is bright and our planet can stay beautiful.
Past Emily

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