Vivienne 's Letter

To our sons George, Chris and dog Truffle ,

I am writing this letter to you as I hope my voice will eventually be heard by politicians who need to act now and help us all protect our planet we call home. I have signed petitions, recycled and appealed to people of influence to help protect Nature, animals and our environment so you can continue to enjoy it in your lifetime the same as I have. Whether that has been walking in the fields and ancient woodland with our dog Truffle or chasing after her on a beach on family holidays, I would like you to share these simple pleasures with your own children and dog one day. Animals teach us so many lessons about caring for other species other than ourselves, whether that's a dog, rabbit, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils or fish we have all enjoyed as family pets. With sea levels expected to rise 1-3 metres by 2030, time is fast running out with politicians failing to act to help protect our seas, rivers, lakes, woodlands and other natural habitats that have destroyed wildlife, farm and marine animals who have suffered terribly at the hands of humans who exploit them. We have been doing what we can by recycling our rubbish so plastic does not end up in the sea killing birds, fish and other species like whales and dolphins washed up dead on our shores. We need environmental activists like Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg to continue raising awareness to the next generation of young people so they can shine a torch on the suffering of animals, humans and our Natural world so we do not continue taking it for granted. In an ideal world I would like it to be free of pollution and for there to be an end to all species of animal suffering by the year 2030 so our planet can thrive once again for you and your children to enjoy.

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