Penny Day newbitt's Letter

To my great nephews and niece,

I'm sorry that we, the older generations, didn't do more to bring about a better world for you.

We are all caught up in a broken society where self interest, greed and disrespect can flourish and can even be encouraged.

Be strong and do the right thing, even if that may not seem to benefit you directly at the time.
Use your youth and energies to bring about a better, kinder world.

Try to avoid the temptations of disinterest and inertia, but look about you and try to make your world better for every thing living as we are bound by bonds that cannot be broken without peril to ourselves and our future ability to survive and thrive.

Cultivate love and kindness and know that the actions you take every day will make you and the world a better place, one action, one day at a time.

If I could leave you anything it would be a mix of courage and hope.

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