Patricia Lawrence's Letter

Readers of Sherston (Wiltshire) Cliffhanger,

Like Sir David Attenborough & our new King Charles III, I have been concerned about Climate Change for well over 20 years. As an Ambassador for development charity Ripple Effect (formerly Send a Cow) I have seen first-hand the devastating effects of a changing climate, especially in Ethiopia. Sadly those who have contributed the least to the climate crisis are suffering its effects the most.
World leaders must wake up and work together to take action to halt the climate crisis and allow the earth to recover. We must all push them to listen to the science and act today if we want our children to live in a world with enough food and water for everyone and to be able to enjoy the wonders of nature, to hear birdsong and breathe clean air.
The Climate Crisis scares me and I implore everyone in Sherston to fight for the future of our planet for our children's sake.

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