Miranda's Letter

To my son, Sylvester,

Dear Sylvester,

This summer you noticed the black berries for the first time and as we walked through the Hollies, you delightfully cried 'Mummy!, blackberries!!!' We picked and ate them, you got blackberry juice all around your mouth. Along with Daddy, this became one of our favourite activities. We made an apple and blackberry crumble with a neighbours' apples which you loved. In September you discovered acorns and collected them until your pockets were bursting. You love paddling in streams and in the summer, I carried you through a pool with wild fish. Your name means 'wild wood' and you are a nature loving boy. At nursery you are first at the door when going out. You love scooting through the autumn leaves. You help me in the garden, following me around with your little spade You love the free and simple joys of nature.
So it makes me sad to say that the world may not be like this in the future. This summer we had a drought due to climate change - a term you will learn about. In the future, rivers and streams and those beautiful fish that live in them will likely not exist anymore and this will have a knock on effect on everything else. Fruit needs water, so those blackberries you love will no longer grow. This is just one tiny piece of the picture. As you grow up you will learn the extent of the problem and why it is happening. You are too young to understand now, but you will do and like me feel angry about it, because it doesn't need to be this way. In simple terms people with power and responsibility are greedy for money and therefore irresponsibly strip the world of its natural resources to make things to sell and make money. Your mummy and daddy feel powerless and we do need to protest more. Its not easy when we have to work too but we do need to do more. There are noble people fighting for what is right. They have been gluing themselves to buildings and throwing custard at famous artwork. The news media don't report on it much, they try to ignore the issue and other people see protesters as a silly inconvenience but they are trying to save the planet. Without a planet, we will not be here anymore. I will do my best for you Sylvester, so you can still enjoy the simple pleasure of blackberry picking and wild swimming. We must always fight against tyranny. Your mummy and daddy have been on Brexit marches as the EU take a more responsible stance on things. Remember, there is always dignity in fighting for your world and what you fight for defines who you are.
Lots of love,

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