Theo's Letter

To all my friends and family with kids,

I'm lucky to have lived in a golden age (born early sixties) but even so I've been aware of the destruction of the earth for over 40 years - pollution in the air, rivers and seas, rainforest destruction, wild habitation destruction, over consumption etc etc. It's frustrating that we've known for so long that we needed to change our priorities and live better - to measure success by well-being and happiness not by economic success. On the whole, governments around the world have let us down again and again. So now it's really happening. The future is scary - in the UK we've had a taste of it with the heat and wildfires of recent times, but they're nothing compared to those in Australia and California. Not to mention huge storms, floods, droughts, rising sea levels and poisonous air in other places around the world.
I feel so sorry for what you younger generations are going to suffer. Yet we have solutions here and around the world but we need to get on with it now. Time to stop talking and start implementing. And for people to change their habits.

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