Valerie Hicks's Letter

To my granddaughter, Freya ,

Dear Freya, as the eldest grand child, I wanted to ask you to explain to your brother and cousins what Climate Change has meant to me. When I was first married, more than 50 years ago, I started in my own small way to reduce, reuse and recycle household waste. I was considered either a bit of a crank, or miserly, but how those ideas have grown! And still it is not enough.
I pray that by the time you read this, the title Climate Change will have become Climate Control and be embedded in every country’s DNA. It is my hope that forest fires will be a thing of the past, that cold will have started to return to the poles, and sea level rising be reduced to a minimum.
This can only happen if EVERY country has the will to take urgent action in 2022, not just talk, look to their own national interests or excuse themselves on the grounds of being “under developed”.
You, your brother and cousins deserve so much better than the legacy we are currently leaving you. For this I am truly sorry. Your loving Granny.

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