Lila Howells Brook's Letter

To politicians,

Letters to tomorrow
High Cross Primary School
High Cross Drive
NP10 9AB

27th June 2023

Dear ‘Letters to tomorrows’,
I’m Lila and I'm 9 years old from High Cross Primary School in Newport.I’m the next generation and I force you to take action NOW! The climate crisis is affecting our environment and our animals.

Plastic is not important because they are killing all the sea creatures and our animals that give us food. Plastic is not important because it’s affecting the world we live in now so we need to stop making plastic. Plastic is not important because it doesn't help us with anything at all.

Why wait, we need to act now if we want to save the earth then do easier things like put your litter in the bin, cycle or walk to places instead of driving and when waking up in the morning and brushing your teeth turn the tap off this will really help us if we do all of these things especially if we put our litter in the bin like plastic.We will soon save the earth!

Your sincerely

Lila Howells brook.

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