Dawn Stephens's Letter

To my Grandsons Alex and Edward,

My darling boys, I have tried really hard to get the Government to listen to our plea regarding Climate. There is so much we can and must do to keep carbon emissions down. I have written repeatedly to my MP (a Conservative). I send messages & share petitions. I go on marches. They don’t listen. I tweet & share information about what is happening globally. So many of us have tried to be really heard by the powers that be. It seems they do not care about your futures. It breaks my heart! I try to encourage you to think about what you can do to act on climate change. I want this Government to Act Now! Fossil fuels have to be phased out fast, there are great alternatives, but we get the response that ‘we don’t like wind farms’ ‘we don’t want to insulate’ They also still refuse to stop funding Fossil Fuels, & prefer to support them despite those companies being totally aware of the damage they have been doing fir over 30 yrs! The powers that be refuse to listen to the desperate scientists who have been warning them for so many years. I love you boys & I pray that they will now listen. This year no changes were acted upon fro COP 26, what will happen this year? Last year 400 private planes flew to Glasgow! 400 .. for a climate Action conference? I don’t know how many this year! They (politicians) don’t listen, they don’t care. The rain forests, the lungs of the Earth are being destroyed faster than ever! They are destroying your future & that of their children too. Greed & money are evils that will, it seems, destroy our beautiful home, planet Earth! Well it will destroy us & other species! It will survive! I will be gone boys, but I want you to have a promising future! Right now I don’t see it! I am so sorry I could not do more to be heard by these people, who have the opportunity to make those changes! I want all of us to make the changes that will secure you promise if a better future. We don’t need stuff or constant growth. We need to care for our home and families. People do not need vast fortunes, but those who have the. Appear to want more and more. They are not happy. So they destroy everything fir pure greed it seems. All we really need is food & shelter, & love. I hope that they hear this message boys and that they stop before we go past tipping point, which we are on the precipice of! Love Granny. 🤗🙏🦋💚

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