Claire 's Letter

Dear future world,

I think we have realised so so late that our acts, our desires, our cleverness of previous and current generations have been great but at the detriment of our beautiful and wise planet.
I know we can put that cleverness to good use NOW though to really make substantial changes to help save our planet for the future. I've tried to make changes that I can, and I know others are too. But I feel so limited. I just hope we can and do, as a collective team, right now put aside selfishness and do even more. We need our political leaders to step up, stop talking and be the best of themselves, and to really LEAD on the climate change issues . The time is now, because I hope hope hope that many of the wonderful animals and things on this earth are still there in the future and that everyone has opportunity to share in it and to be safe.
The climate crisis scares me and I am emploring everyone to do their bit, and the leaders to make the decisions and actions needed NOW. Make our biggest legacy saving our deserving planet for the future.
I hope we achieved this for you future x

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