Sheila Noble's Letter

My children, Gemma and Dylan,

Dear Gemma and Dylan,
I hope you are able to enjoy fresh air, fresh food, and our beautiful countryside as you grow older.
Sadly, when I write this in 2022, hopes of protecting the planet from global warming and diminishing biodiversity are fading due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the UK government, under Liz Truss, deciding to remove the UK fracking ban.
Hopefully everyone sees sense soon and moves quickly towards net zero so you and future generations can continue to enjoy our beautiful planet.
Your dad and I have tried to do our bit to abate climate change and reduce the waste which was seen as normal when we were young adults. Sadly we didn’t realise the damage our generation was doing at the time.
With all my love to you and those you love and care for,
Mum xx

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