Lisa 's Letter

Dear Future Self,

Isn’t it wonderful that we have made such a turn around? That climate change is no longer an issue. That there are no wars. That everyone has enough food and water. That we treat everyone and everything with compassion. Who would have thought it could all happen so quickly? We just didn’t realise did we; all we had to do was WAKE UP, to raise our consciousness. We realised that we couldn’t keep blaming our leaders, and that we had to take responsibility for ourselves. Each and every one of us just had to change the way we thought. At the time we didn’t realise that if we continued to think from a place of fear, anxiety and negativity that the cycle would just continue like that. All we had to do was to think positively, and visualise the kind of world we want to live in; a world where humans live in harmony with nature and each other. We had forgotten that we are nature, and that whatever we do to nature, we do to ourselves. We had forgotten that we are born out of the WATER of our mother’s womb, we had forgotten that we need the AIR to breathe, we had forgotten that we need food grown in the EARTH, and we had forgotten that we need the warmth and light of FIRE, the Sun…the four elements that indigenous people have worshipped and honoured since humans came into existence. We could not see that we were not only destroying and polluting our mother, Mother Earth, but we were destroying and polluting ourselves. We had forgotten who we were and where we come from. Then we remembered we are energy, we are spiritual beings in a physical body. Then we started to explore the world within, rather than focusing on the outside world. Then we remembered we can be the change we want to see in the world, because we are eternal energy which comes from the universe. Yes, we realised we are the universe and we create our reality. WOW, what a moment that was! I’ll never forget it. Mystics, spiritual teachers, and indigenous people had been telling us for centuries, but we chose to ignore them but, when things got so bad, and we had made such a mess of everything, and we could not see any other way, then, and only then, did we start listening, and then, oh boy, didn’t we realise how foolish we had been. We remembered that we all come from the eternal source of energy, and we will all return to the eternal source of energy. We remembered that our energy/soul/spirit is constantly growing and evolving, and so is Mother Earth. She is also energy, like us, but embodied in the form of a planet, and we are all energy together, growing and evolving together. We are one. And when we realised that we are one, we realised that what we do to one person, we do to ourselves. What we do to the planet, we do to ourselves. WOW again! It was really so simple, yet we had made it so complicated. Wasn’t it amazing when the word spread like wild fire, and the whole world started to wake up, and to change the way they thought about everything. Then we were able to restore the balance and live in peace and harmony. Dear Future Self, I am full of wonder. Isn’t it wonderful that we have made such a turn around. Thank you for opening your heart and mind and seeing things from a different perspective. Thank you for being courageous and strong enough to stand up for the truth. Thank you for not being afraid to speak the truth because, then, people started to listen to you, because you were a beacon of light in a world full of darkness, and you showed them there was another way. They finally listened to what you had to say. You made waves! Everyone understands now, that like Mother Earth, the wave is not separate of the ocean… Thank you, thank you, thank you …I raise my glass to you!

Lisa M. J. Joynes

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