Helen Shipley 's Letter

To My great grandson Leo,

Dear Leo

As I write this you are only a few weeks old and I worry about the future you face. You are the newest member of our family and I want all of you to live in a world where the Earth, our home, has been saved from the threat of climate crisis.

I want your future to be one of hope, of caring for the life we share our home with. The Earth is full of wonders and abundant life but too much of it is under threat because of what us humans have done to it and continue to do. We have squandered it's riches. We are failing to do enough to protect so much that I and millions of others treasure.

I want there to be lots of elephants, tigers, lions, leopards, rhinos, orangutans, polar bears, penguins, gorillas and many others, living free and safe from poachers and hunters.

I want there to be vast forests and ancient woodlands. Rainforest, coral reefs, glaciers, ice, rivers, lakes and seas, grasslands and jungles; all teeming with life in all it's splendid, glorious variety.

I want you to live in a world where people care for each other and value what really matters - not financial wealth but the true riches of life and of living. A world where love, compassion and tolerance are the measure of real wealth. Where the currency is love and happiness the riches.

There would still be sadness, loss, grief but there would be help, love and support in those times.

I hope for an end to wars, to starvation, to poverty, to intolerance. I hope you will grow up in a world so full of wonders that will feed your mind and nourish your soul.

I want you to live in world that makes room, has room, for all the good things people can do, achieve and be. Where you can look back on the lives of those who have gone before and honour them for being part of what has led to your life.

Everyone, every creature, every plant, tree, meadow, field, river, lake, sea, hill, mountain, forest, desert, land of ice - all matter. I hope it all will still be there for you. I hope humanity and the governments and powers in this world will have woken up to what must be done. I hope their words and promises become actions before it is too late. It's already too late to completely limit some of the damage but there is hope if - if everyone is prepared to do what's needed and play our parts. We in the west must help those who are least able to bear the consequences or to take action. We must reduce and eventually stop all but a small, necessary amount of fossil fuels. Pollution must be reduced. Waste must be reduced. Water must be respected. We must find ways to heat our homes, feed ourselves, clothe ourselves and live, in balance with nature. It will take the world acting together as much as possible to bring about the change that is needed. Government and big business will have to become part of the solution, nor part of the problem. They have to drive change and improvements not hinder them.

I really hope we succeed.

I hope your future will be all I wish for you and all the family.

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