Tracy Fone's Letter

My future grandchildren,

I hope you can gaze out of your windows and see some natural greenery.
I hope that when you open those windows the air is clean to breathe.
I hope you have a garden where you can feed the birds, watch them forage and hear them sing.
I hope you can tiptoe into the garden at night and listen to hedgehogs snuffle and spot their shadows under the bushes.
I hope you don't have to walk too far to count how many types of bees feed from the wildflowers,
I hope there is a local woodland to admire the shiny patterns on the conkers you collect.
I hope there is a nearby pond where you can look for frogspawn and watch tadpoles grow.
I hope there is a hill close by where you can sit to enjoy the sunset over a beautiful valley.
I hope the sea is clean so you can paddle; squealing as the cold water covers your toes.
I hope that we did enough so that the colours and sounds of nature can lift your spirits and calm your mind.

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