Emily McDermott's Letter


I'm glad that there is finally more polarbears. I'm happy that the grass you see when walking near the river is actually green, not yellow, and that 80% of it isn't covered in empty drink bottles that could've just been put in the bins later on. The news is finally talking about the Ozone layer healing and animals living happily in thier natural world that is thriving, rather than the dangerously depleting trees that are on fire, destroying habitats. The government are finally taking action about the whole situation, it seems.

All cars are electric, so you finally don't see the sickening sight of the grey smoke flying out them and eventually mixing in with the rest of the air. There has also been talk of the first electric plane being created and all you can think about is how unusual it would be to see a plane in the sky without white tracks behind them.

To think about how life was in 2022

From Emily

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