Charlotte's Letter

To my future little kiddies,

Dear my little sweetheart,

I'm writing to share some simple ways we can help our planet every day:

1. **Recycle Right**: Let's learn together to sort our waste and recycle what we can.

2. **Save Water**: Remember to turn off taps tightly and take quick showers.

3. **Plant Trees**: We can join tree-planting events or plant one in our backyard.

4. **Use Less Energy**: Let's remember to turn off lights and electronics when not in use.

5. **Avoid Plastic**: We can say no to single-use plastics like straws and bags.

6. **Enjoy Nature**: Let's spend time outside and appreciate our planet.

7. **Pick Up Trash**: We can help keep our surroundings clean.

8. **Compost**: We can turn food scraps into compost for our garden.

9. **Be Kind to Animals**: Let's always treat animals with care and respect.

10. **Spread the Word**: We can share what we're doing to help the environment with others.

Every small action adds up to a big difference. Let's work together to protect our home!

With love,
From Charlotte

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