John's Letter

Everyone, but especially via our political leaders and celebrity influencers, who need to de-conflict current messaging,

We each need to do a little less:
Eating meat
Travelling by carbon unfriendly fuelled vehicles, especially planes
Buying stuff which is made many hundreds or thousands of miles away

We each need to do a little more:
Paying tax to specifically help the poorest in the world avoid the worst of climate change related issues, to ensure the poorest in the world do not go cold or hungry, to develop sustainable affordable foodstuffs, and to assist carbon intensive industries in moving to the sole use of renewable fuel.
Education at all levels, but especially of the youngest in the world as to what is going on, what is being done about it, what the likely timescales and outcomes are, and what each of us can do to help turn this out of control consumerism supertanker around.
Positive messaging that we are all in this together and together we will manage our way through this.

We need to find ways of making the right option the most affordable option.

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