Jean's Letter

To my great nephew, Elliot,

I want you to know that I would dearly love for you to be able to grow up in a world at peace with enough food for everyone and where the natural world is respected and loved. Mankind has created his own problems and I hope that over the next few years he will also solve them - too much plastic going into the oceans, too much burning of fossil fuels exacerbating climate change and polluting the atmosphere, too much decadent use of fresh water, too much development on precious land - which could better be used to grow food or provide green spaces for us all to enjoy. Otherwise there will be famines of unprecedented proportions and consequently wars and many refugees, all trying to secure a place in parts of the earth remaining viable for human life. I want you to know that in my lifetime I have been doing everything I possibly can to ensure a good future for humankind, but I fear not enough people share my vision and see the need to take action before it is too late. I hope this letter finds you thriving.

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