Kriya Southam's Letter

To my grandson Eden aged 14 years and my great grandson Alby aged 2 years,

My two darlings, You know how much I love you and how passionate I am about saving the planet so you and all following generations can enjoy the greenery and beauty of this wonderful world, as I and my friends were so lucky to do. You are my youngest of the older grandsons Eden, and Alby the only great grandson, and just as I taught your brothers and your and their mothers' (my daughters), to appreciate, love and look after all of nature, I have also been teaching you. You love feeding the birds and wild life we encourage into our garden every day and evening and we have been so well rewarded with communicating with the green woodpecker and her young, the lesser spotted woodpecker and her young, and many other species of birds, even two starlings who were feeding their "chick", a cuckoo! The countless families of badgers and foxes and all the bees and butterflies we have encouraged. All by looking after the planet. It is imperative that we look after our precious world NOW and stop all the harmful activities those in power carry out for profit. I promise you my darlings, that as old and frail that I am, I will continue to fight the cause as best as I can , for you, and for your children. I know you will take up the baton along with your families when you are older, along with all of our wonderful family, who support me 100 percent.
love you always
Nan xx

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