Aimee's Letter

Dear future me,

It's hot today. Almost thirty degrees outside. But you’re lucky, you’re currently sitting in a cool bedroom with regulated air circulation in a small eco-cohousing community in Cambridge. You get to experience the benefits of community living. There's a shared garden with chickens and always people around to help. Recently, you went fell running in the lake district and got to see views from the tops of mountains. You have great friends and a cool job at a conservation non-profit.

It's easy to forget that it's hot today, and maybe it shouldn’t be.

The frosted glass on your windows hides the high-rise flats being built that are replacing a meadow. A top-story flat can never replace the view from the top of a mountain, especially one you ran up! I hope you’ve been back to the mountains, or found nature anywhere you can. Cambridge may not have mountains, but it has other green spaces. In the future, I’d like to think that the green spaces around you are nice, with trees and wildflowers. I hope your house will have access to a garden, to parks and to nature and that your windowsill is still full of plants with random names. I have my fingers crossed that Sam the Succulent is still going strong.

If the planet continues to warm, I hope you’ll continue to be involved in helping. Restoration and conservation are fuelled by hope and perseverance. If you can run up mountains, then you can continue to work towards a better future.

From the current Aimee.
P.S. don’t forget to wear suncream in the heat - you’re so ginger!

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