Joanna Smith's Letter

Grandchild yet to be born.,

I want to say how sorry I am that we failed you. My heart breaks for you and all your peers as your world will be unbearable to live in if we don’t make huge changes and sacrifices now. I am crying writing this letter as I feel huge grief for all the inhabitants of the planet; animal, plant life and human. We are all interconnected and interdependent yet our governments seem hell bent on destroying every last bit of living wilderness upon which a stable climate depends, and our lives depend. There is talk of fracking again which will be another nail in our coffin. There are more ancient woodlands being ripped apart to allow for train tracks and airports; more peat bogs destroyed to make way for new homes. We just don’t stop taking and we never give back. We need to replenish and restore our earth for your futures, not strip it bare and suck it dry.
Today on the news I heard that we (they) have deliberately collided a spaceship with a space rock to blow it up, so we can learn how to protect our world from destruction in the future. So much money wasted. We need clean water, fresh air, nutritious food, a roof over our heads and community. Money needs to be invested in protecting our earth NOW!
I am so sad and sorry that we have (they have) focussed on exploitation, greed and destruction. Our governments priorities are so out of alignment with what we ALL need to thrive in a fair, just and civil society and in a fair, just world. I truly wish it were different.
I am so, so sorry. We (they) have monumentally let you down, and their own children and grandchildren down. I am heartbroken.

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