Elizabeth 's Letter

To all future generations,

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a Bluebell Wood or a Woodland in the Autumn and through out all of the Seasons. Listening to the dawn chorus or listening to bird song on Summers's afternoon in the Countryside and all of this and much more and I hope you are hearing and seeing it too. If you are not and you have been reduced to reading about our natural world in a book or listening to or seeing a recording form a bygone age, I am so sorry.
With this thought in mind I made a chocie to take action and to make sure you would also experience the pleasures of our beautiful planet, a healthy environment and seeing the amazing animals we all share our planet with and something that my generation took so much pleasure in seeing and very much took for granted. I then decided to make a pledge to you, that my generation would make sure that those in power would listen to what we were all saying and to think of future generations.
On a final note I hope your world is a beautiful, as the world I lived in was and you are enjoying the natural world around you, that I enjoyed too. If you are not, then we failed you. I am so sorry and we should of done more.

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