Rosie 's Letter

To my future self,

Our planet is at risk, climate change is affecting our earth and greenhouse levels are at an all time high. Our childhood has been brought up knowing and living in climate change, deforestation, plastic and air pollution. Due to all this more than 1 million species will face extinction. Will we really let this happen?

We need to learn to be greener and reduce our carbon footprint. We want a happy, healthy future and if we choose not to do that there may be no future.. We want our children and future generations to live a joyful life with sandy beaches, clear blue seas and clean air. Start creating good habits such as walking to work or taking public transport, turn lights off when you’re not using them and buy locally grown food or grow them yourself. Right now, we’re trying to turn off the lights after using them. We know that 50-80% of our oxygen comes from the ocean.

Just the little things can make a big difference. Say that plastic bag we almost threw in the bin the other day, but then decided it should go in the recycling bin? That could’ve had a huge impact on the environment if you threw it in the bin.

Best regards,
Rosie :)

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