Alister Henderson's Letter

To my future children,

I hope you grow up in a world that has turned a corner, where the biodiversity crisis is no longer increasing towards catastrophe but levelling out. I hope as you grow up the numbers of our amazing wildlife stop going down and start going up, and you can grow in a world with more birds, bees, butterflies and other animals than your previous generation (something that hasn’t been accessible to us for hundreds if not thousands of years). I hope nature hasn’t become even more fragemented to the point of extinction, but is joining up into a network of dynamism and life. I hope the policy makers have realised that now is the time to act, and have taken the brave step to do so for the long term viability of our natural world and us. I hope that by 2030, the UK is no longer one of the most nature depleted countries but an example to others of how you can come back from the brink, to a land of steady wildlife repopulation.

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