Barbara Bond's Letter

To my granddaughter Isabelle,

My darling Izzy

As I see you now so little and innocent I know that more than anything else I want you to live in a future world that is full of the beautiful and fascinating creatures and animals and amazing plants and trees that I have seen and appreciated in my lifetime. I want you to live in a world where people care for each other, not money and useless inanimate objects that they think show everyone how wealthy and powerful they are. I want you to live in a world where we have learnt to share resources and if we live in a wealthier country those governments are helping poorer countries and people to build better lives and have the resources they need so that they are not living in poverty and their children have a chance to grow up healthy and with opportunities just like I want for you. My heart is heavy just now for that future but I can never allow myself to give up hope and please know Izzy that your grandfather and I have fought to make that world possible. Take care my Izzy and be kind to all life on this Earth, it all matters.

With all my love always, your Omi

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