Katrina 's Letter

My Grandchildren - Alfie Pumpkin & Winnie Pamplemousse! ,

I write this letter to you in the hope that, now you have grown so much bigger you can make your way in this world putting in to practice all the good things we tried to teach you when you were small!
Remember the fun we had litter picking, watering the plants, looking after our toys, sharing our sweets, caring for our animals and giving plenty of hugs to those family and friends we love so much?
I want your world to always be like that. Where every one is kind, looks after each other and appreciates the wonderful world we live in.
I know there are some bad things in the world but let's not rely on others. We must do all we can to look after our planet.
When you learn to drive, don't go everywhere in your car. Walk when you can.
It doesn't matter if your garden is small, you can still grow your own food and share it with your neighbours; and if it's chilly at night, wear a jumper before turning on the gas.
Tell your friends to do the same and make the world even better for your children, and their children too.

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