John's Letter

To the descendants I'll never see,

Dear descendants, let me begin with an apology on behalf of my generation. We've misused and overexploited the Earth and left it to you to clear up the mess we've made. I'm sorry.

I'm an old man now, but I'm trying to make things better. I do what I can to care for the bits of the earth to which I have access and to improve the environment for the living creatures that share these places with me. I support environmentalists around the world in what they are trying to do, too. I endeavour to educate folk about pollution and climate change, and campaign to encourage powerful people to treat the earth better.

I'm left with the feeling I'm not doing enough, but I hope that the little I do, when added to what many other people are doing, will play some part in making the world a better place for you and our fellow life forms. I pray that the earth in which you live will be in a better condition than that in which I live now.

God bless you,

Your ancestor, John

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