Lucy Stimpson's Letter

Dear Ones,

I want you to know we tried
That nature mattered to us
We felt surrounded by development and unsure of the intentions… it seemed like everything was a mess

So we planted

We nurtured everything that others wasted

We loved bugs as they settled in the parts that were unreachable to the devastation

We invited them in to join us and told them it will be okay

When it wasn’t really

It was noisy, we couldn’t breathe, it was dry and then flooded all in a day

But we saved what we saw

We invited them in

And we hope now you are wher and we are gone that the efforts we made serve you and your future

That you can clearly see and feel part of nature

That you know without everything else we are nothing

Remember some of us invited them in to us

We cared

We acted

We love you as much as them

It was done for you to thrive

We hope it’s enough

We hope you know you are nature and it is you

Never separate

Always intertwined

Enjoy what we left you all to love and enjoy, please do as we did and plant seeds furiously

Love indomitably

Now! For them

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