Mark's Letter

To my Granddaughter Rosie and my Grandson Max ,

My letter is based on the deepest and most genuine wish, that both of you, grow up to experience the natural world in as close a way as I did when I was young.
As a species, over decades we have been driven by financial greed as an overriding factor.
In turn our local, national and global natural environments and species have been greatly eroded to the point where, at least we have accepted and acknowledged it, we are on the brink of environmental catastrophe and increasing species extinction.
My hope for you is that as a species we continue and very much increase our movement towards returning what is your natural world to the way I saw it as a child, with wild places and an abundance of natural habitats and species you could simply visit by going outside, not the currently preserved habitats we have the need to protect due to our ever growing global population and the imposed need to provide all the unnecessary things that as a global society we ‘think’ we need.
All this has been to the detriment of the natural world and we have gone beyond the point of safety, where we are only now attempting to redress the self imposed, self created disaster that our environment has become.
Good luck with what the future brings you and sorry for what we’ve done.

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