EMILIE Goode's Letter

My Family, friends and most of all EVERYONE,

Dear people of the world
We need Nature to survive, without it we would not be here.
Our green climate will be there for us all now and for future generations to come.
It is our duty to to protect and keep what nature has given us. A simpler way of life creating a world to enjoy, be healthier both phyisically and mentally.
We are destroying our world by wanting to lead easier, quicker, selfish lives instead of realising that these are not going to help in anyway.
There will be no world if this continues, we need to act now all of us together. Change has to happen, otherwise the world faces the most difficult time.
I hope everyone is listening, please let us all work together to save our planet and
what nature has given us, this beautiful green world before it's too late
I am nearing the end of my life age wise and dearly want the world to continue
to enjoy nature in all its forms as I have done all my life.
I take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all who care and are fighting
to save what we still have of our green climate, for everyone.
From a very concerned grandmother for our future generations

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