Joanna Atherton's Letter

To our granddaughter, Rosie,

Dear Rosie,
Today, at one years old, you found out about the sheer delight of sitting in and playing in a big pile of colorful autumn leaves (from our field maple tree). You laughed and threw them and loved to see puppy Izzy careering in to join us. My very great hope is that you will be able to share that same joy with your own grandchild one day.
I do believe that if we (our political, business and community leaders, as well as us as individuals) throw all the resources we need to at the problem of climate change, we can avert the worst case scenarios from occuring. I know a lot of people care deeply about what is happening to our blue planet so I really hope we will have done the huge amount we need to halt the changes. If that has not happened, we are very, very sorry and promise to do all we can to help you find a way to live with this hugely changing planet we find ourselves living on. It was a jaw droppingly beautiful and amazing place, I hope it still is and that beautiful trees are still flourishing as you read this.
With all our love
Granny and Grandad. Xxx

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