Seryn Powell 's Letter

To Politicians ,

Letters to tomorrow
High Cross Primary School
High Cross Drive
NP10 9AB

27th june 2023

Dear ‘Letters to tomorrow’
I am Seryn from High Cross Primary School in Newport and I am nine years old.I am writing to you to warn you about climate change and other problems.Climate change is a life threatening thing to us,animals and the planet.I’m the next generation which means i have to sort this out but i need your help to do that we need to do something NOW before it’s too late!

Firstly trees are an amazing thing on this planet that we need to survive because i am sure that you know trees provide us with oxygen which is the air that we need to breath.Secondly trees also release toxic carbon dioxide from our atmosphere which helps us to breath clean air.As well as clearing our air and providing us oxygen they also prevent flooding by draining the excess water from the flooding into their roots which helps them to grow. Trees give a home to animals to live in for example owls,sparrows,squirrels and so much more so we need to protect our trees and we need to plant way more because of climate change there are more floods which means we need to plant more trees so we can soak up more water. So cut less trees and plant more instead.

Secondly plastic is a massive problem on earth it’s everywhere you look as evidence 40% of plastic ends up in a landfill and 32% end up in our environment and only 2% of plastic gets recycled properly.Our animals are suffering dramatically they think that the plastic is food and eat it and sometimes die do you really want that to happen to our helpless animals? Some horrible people burn plastic which releases toxic gas into our atmosphere which makes us,animals and the environment suffer.we need to always put our rubbish in the correct bin because who wants a harmed earth?

In addition to plastic and trees, the most important worry is climate change,climate change is dangerous. It causes more extreme natural disasters like flooding, fires,hurricanes and more but worst of all it affects our lives, animals lives and the Earth. Our planet is heating up because of extra greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. The extra gasses means our very special Antarctica's ice sheets are melting which means our precious polar bears can’t hunt for their food because they depend on the ice sheets but if polar bears can't hunt for their food they will die and about 20,000 to 31,000 left worldwide and that's tragic so save the polar bear and other animals by walking to the shop or a club and loads of other places. So use the car less and walk more because why would you want animals to suffer.

As you can see there are lots of horrible things happening to our earth so we need to do something now because theses things are awful for the environment us and the animals so do your part and help stop climate change,cutting down trees and the plastic problem.We need to do something now before it’s to late!

Yours faithfully

Seryn Powell.

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