Tammy J's Letter

Dear Iona ,

I hope that the world will get better, the ice caps will be unmelted ❄️πŸ₯Ά, the forests with stop burning πŸ”₯β˜„οΈand the plant will become alive again 🌍🌳. I hope for healthier air 🌬️, cleaner streets πŸ—‘οΈ and happier animals 🐈🐷. It’s so horrible seeing so many turtles 🐒get tangled in the ocean, gorillas 🦍leave their trees and the sky become full of smoke 🚬. The plant is slowly dying and eveyone doesn’t realise it yet! I wish we would make a difference, that’s why I am so so mega sad. It breaks my heart when I see stuff in the news about our planet. But it inspires me even more to make a difference. I have stated to walk to my friends house instead of the bus, take the train to school instead of drive and my family now use our reylcying bin more than ever! Also, we have planted lots of flowers outside our home, I have started litter picking along the river in Putney. I am so scared every day for my planet,🌍 ! It’s so pretty 🌍❀️❀️ but it’s getting destroyed 😷🌍πŸ”₯β˜„οΈπŸ˜’πŸ˜’.
Please do everything you can to save our home!

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