David Kennedy's Letter

The generations to come,

This is an apology from 2023 on behalf of humanity, to all the people of a world wracked by climate change in the years ahead. This generation generally go about their lives ignoring the approaching climate crisis tipping point. They left it all to "someone else" to sort out. However those in power and authority put self interest first, and left the planet's recovery chance to wither away. The facts were clear for everyone to see, but nobody acted decisively. We were warned by the greens in the 80s about global warming and biodiversity loss, yet over 40 years later we're still pushing the planet in the wrong direction. It takes the huge "eco-ship" many miles to slow down, we've left it too late to stop. I am sorry for your scorched greenery, missing rainforest, high temperatures, extinct species, drought, flooded coastlines, missing glaciers and wars over fresh water. In 2023 I live in selfish times where the majority of people will do nothing to help in a crisis sadly. We in 2023 hang our heads in shame for failing you. X

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