Jaimie's Letter

To My Future Self,

I’m so excited to grow old and have my own house with a car but I’m also scared. What will the future be like? Will there be flying cars? How much will stuff cost, because right now stuff is expensive for example, will bread be £10? Normally in 2023 bread is around about £1.25 but back when dad was younger bread used to be around 75p.

Anyway, what will the weather be like? Will we have weather people on the news? A good weather person on breakfast news is Carol. It's quite hot now and its around 15 to 20° but in the future will that seem cold and will 40°seem around about normal. 40°is considered a whole heat wave in UK. The UK has only had around 2 times where it has had up to 40°.

Will you have flying cars? The cars these days are bad for the planet. Electric cars are better but still a little bad. There is so much pollution in the air, it is unbelievable, and the factories are not helping. I know one place which is beautiful but if you look at the view there is a bunch of roads and a factory right middle. I think its called the blue lagoon.

Will you have tigers and gorillas and polar bears and bears and any other animal like that? Apparently at this rate they are all going to be extinct in 2050, what year will it be when you open this because I’m writing this in school and the teacher said that this will be sent in 2050 but other teachers said that we will send this in 2030 so we’ll wait and see.

Im so sad about the animals and temperature and weather and everything. Please can you help and recycle because a little bit of litter picking and recycling everyday will be so much help and if everyone does it then maybe the world will be clean and better.

From your younger self,
Jaimie xx

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