Jennie's Letter

To my self aged 89,

Dear Jennie
I have been feeling increasingly sad about the the state of climate change, biodiversity loss, extreme weather and how it affects all the people of the world. I hold on to the hope that our brightest and best will continue to come up with amazing solutions to change what looks so set to continue in the desperate trajectory. Yet right now in my heart I feel we are too late. I look at all the current news events and feel loss and grief.

I walked I up Bohuntin hill today. It was raining, the light was going. I breathed in cool air and listened and looked for an eagle. I wish I could hear the howl of a wolf as the first snow flakes of winter start to fall out of the sky in few years time the snow flakes will be as mythical as the Wolf is to scotland now.

I want to know we can turn this all around. I want to know that at 89 I can see a way forward, I want to know my children have a future.

yours aye

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