Swingate Primary School's Letter

To our future families,,

Here at Swingate Primary School we have always been passionate about looking after our planet. But currently in 2023, our government doesn't seem to have the same passion as us. We hope you future family members won't be affected by the potential disaster that could happen if we don't take action on climate change now!

Our school are very concerned about animals becoming extinct because their habitats have been destroyed. For example, many polar bears may find themselves without a home if the ice caps keep melting. We also want the oceans to become cleaner places. We just don't know why so much plastic ends up in the sea. All our ocean life deserves to be protected. We are also concerned about the quality of the air. If too many fossil fuels are used it could really affect us.

We know how important it is to use renewable energy and hope that you family members are able to successfully use solar and wind energy as well as other types such as hydro-power or biomass. Has our school managed to install solar panels on the roof? We really hope so as this was our idea in 2023. We even investigated the best place for them and started to estimate how much it would cost. How amazing would it be to run the school's energy using renewable sources!

We also hope in the future that the government have found better ways to recycle goods. Far too much is going to landfill and we want to recycle, reuse and reduce waste here in our school. We often create art projects using recycled materials. Did our school manage to create their Christmas wreaths using recycled materials? We really hope so.

Please can the government have the same compassion and empathy for our planet as we do. We know we have the responsibility to look after our world so why don't the MPs? Do something now!

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