Rach's Letter

My baby nephew,

To the most smiley baby I've ever seen,

I really hope that you grow up in a world where you can continue to enjoy nature. I hope that chirpy little birds always sing to you, and that clean air kisses your face as you walk along the beach, enjoying the soothing sensation of clean sand and waves of clear sea on your skin.

Right now, I try to be optimistic but it's really hard when those in charge don't seem to recognise or care about the permanent harm they cause. It's such a farce when things like COP26 are hosted right here in the UK, yet just a year later our government start stripping environmental protections. Our government's words do not match their actions.

I'll do what I can to help protect this beautiful but scarred world for you. I'll keep raising my voice to those with power, and also to our friends. I want my words to match my actions.

I hope that we all have a good answer when you ask us what we did to protect the planet for you.

I really wish the world for you.

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