John Bennett 's Letter

My grandchildren ,

I grew and learnt about life in a different era a different time. Already the generations before me started to take the values of this earth not just to survive. They persecuted they in slaved they stripped and stole identities. They created war on war where generations suffered. What I see what I believe is we have learnt nothing. We continue to take away destroy all our elements of life that we should hold in our hearts yet the greed and closing our eyes in gulf’s our being. We only see the reality in our peace in a majestic scene the rolling of the ocean or the peace in the dark night sky.
A glimpse a part of which is we are a part of.
Even now as government and countries collide we can’t see the past as changed nothing. I hope and pray your generations can rebuild what we have destroyed maybe seek other places planets to survive if necessary. I hope your eyes and hearts see and beat together and the evils of greed and indulgence are defeated and a new human race begins to show the way.

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