Jess Layton's Letter

To my children,

I am writing this letter to you both in the desperate hope that life has changed a huge amount in eight years. I hope with all my heart that we have a government who understands and has been able to act on the reality of the climate emergency with the urgent response that is necessary. A government who has embraced the need for housing insulation, new housing built with non fossil fuel energy provision, investment in green energy and green jobs and the cessation of fracking and propping up of a fossil fuel industry that is directly responsible for the temperature rises and changes we have seen.

I hope you live in a world where people take more responsibility for their own impact on the world and are able to tolerate the system changes needed to preserve human life. Where we welcome the inevitable refugees of the climate emergency because we had a direct hand in their dire situation.

I hope you live in a world where food is more sustainably produced, fewer fields are used to feed animals and no more trees or wildlife are devastated to provide land to feed livestock.

I hope you live in a world where animals are prioritised and bio-diversity is preserved to the best of our ability given the increase in the world’s temperature.

I hope that you and your friends have been able to embrace the changes to your lives without hating those who have gone before for their tardy response. I hope your lives are less polluted, less driven by greed and that more people are using bikes on friendlier roads with fewer cars. That you can travel by good quality, predictable climate friendly transport and that your future looks a little cleaner and brighter than it did in 2022.

With all my love and hope,


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