Laura Marjorie Miller's Letter

To my nieces and nephews Luke, Sully, Eliza, Mae, and Eleanor,

My hope for the future burns bright because you will be guiding it. I want you to love Nature, to view it as a friend and not an adversary. I feel like those who have gone before you, including the generation before mine, have caused so many problems, and I wish they had had ears to hear those of us who protested to take us seriously. Now enough has changed that people are heard and are finally getting things done for the repair of our Earth.

You may have been left a great burden but perhaps it is all in a way of seeing things, that actually nature is your friend, if only you can hear it and think about it differently than people have in the past. Now, in the *ancient* past, the farther and farther back you go, those people are your friends, and you can learn from the way they shared with Nature and animals and plants, and were able to cooperate with and to hear them. If we work with Nature, it will be able to right itself. Our job is to support it in doing so. It always has been the same job.

I love you and I hope you bring your brilliance to creating a world full of cooperation, compassion, and grace. I am doing my best right now as an animal communicator to help create the terms of that world, which later on will be left to you.

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