Jessica's Letter

Dear my future self,

Our world in 2023 looks very untidy, especially at the beaches because people keep leaving plastic and rubbish. It is very dangerous for animals in the sea because they will get stuck in it. However, I do think we have lots of flowers and beautiful nature which is good. We work hard to take care of this. Also the streets are mostly tidy.
I wish in 2030 people will leave no rubbish behind at the beach. I hope that people continue to recycle and re-use things. I think we could donate our old clothes to charity shops to stop more waste. I wish in 2030 people will walk more and don't use their cars as much. This will make sure there's less pollution. I think we should continue to plant more flowers and look after the wildlife and animals around us.
My biggest message for 2030 is RECYCLE AND RE-USE! I'm looking forward to seeing what the world looks like in 2030.

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