Sue 's Letter

To my grandchild Rain,

Dear Rain

I am so sorry I couldn't make the people in power listen to us when we told them how URGENT climate action was. I did try with my WI friends to spread the word in our local community about ways to reduce individual carbon footprints. Remember those action days you attended with me and your cousins? I was always grateful for the support and passion you grandchildren had.

People really tried, unplugging their TV at night, insulating their homes and eating less meat. Sadly, the people with real power, the oil moguls and gas field prospectors and even the social media masters, slowed everything down. Some of our politicians did try, I remember how we rejoiced when Mr Sunak banned fracking again. I remember the hope that the Labour idea of the British Green Energy company gave us, killing off the last of the fossil fuel power stations.

So sorry it was too little, too late.

Hope you are well and not disturbed by this month's megastorm. They do seem to be getting worse every time. I was pleased to hear of your work in reforestation, such a good career choice! Did you read that COP35 was unanimous in banning all new fossil fuel exploration and finally even the US and Saudi Arabia signed up? Good news. Here's hoping it takes effect before we hit 3% . Our current 2.5 is bad enough.

Shame about Fiji wasn't it? Here's hoping we can save the rest of it from going under the sea.

Lots of love

Grandma xxx

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