Laura's Letter

To the generations yet to come,

This planet on which we live is fragile and we must share it with the animals and plants around us. It is our role to protect the planet, not destroy it.
Everyone of us has a part to play. The constant building leading to loss of habitat and the increased use of cars, adding fumes which pollute the atmosphere, has to stop. This behaviour is leading to a decline in biodiversity and climate change IS happening.
We need to look to the future. Stop unnecessary urban sprawl. Make goof use of the land we have already developed. Yes, the human race need homes, but so do the animals. If you can travel by public transport, cycle, or walk, please do. Shop for local produce and reduce and reuse where possible.
With rising temperatures we are seeing the polar ice caps melting. This is meaning loss of habitat for polar bears and rising sea levels. That puts us all at risk.
We must take action NOW to reverse the impact if global warming.

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