Katy's Letter

Whoever is left,

Children of the 1980s were taught in school about global warming and the need to switch to renewable energy. They were taught about deforestation, and the animals being wiped out by humans.

They expected the grownups to take action.

Now they are the grownups.

What will the children of the 2090s be taught? Will they learn about all the wonderful creatures that used to be? Will they learn how to survive scorching hot summers, and extreme weather conditions?

Will they learn how the world was sacrificed so the rich get richer? What will they think about the men who sold the world? And the generation and leaders who allowed it to happen?

Will they be disappointed as the children of 1980s are; confused at the lack of action to protect our planet?

Or will they learn about the men who saved the world, the generation who said you’ve taken enough, no more?

Will they be taught about ingenious projects that replenished the earth, that enabled wildlife to thrive, technology that powers the world not pilfers it?

Will they be proud of us? Or ashamed?

It’s not too late to make them proud.
It’s not too late to make ourselves proud.

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