Penny's Letter

People born in 2022,

I went on protest marches, I wrote to my MP, I signed many petitions, I spoke to friends - all about the climate crisis and how global warming would be the end of civilisation as I know it today. I will continue to do this.

I did this for over ten years, as I understood what the scientists were saying and didn't believe the big oil companies. Still the leaders of the world today are refusing to take the significant and sometimes drastic action that is needed NOW to keep oil, coal and any kind of fossil fuel in the ground. The latest news is that 30% of the glaciers will not be there in 2050 when you may be reading this. I'm sorry. I've done my best. I cycle when I can, I eat very little meat, I don't fly, I have a hybrid electric car and would use trains and buses more, but can't risk it at the moment, due to Covid. I mend my clothes and repair whatever I can, to avoid new articles being manufactured for me; anything new creates CO2.

Renewable energy is cost effective. We should have embraced it everywhere.

I do hope our religious, political and other leaders around the world act to stop the increase in CO2 and that they do it NOW. When you read this, you will know if they have or if they haven't.

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