Jen Burrows's Letter

My Grandchildren, Finley, Rose and Daisy,

To my beautiful grandchildren,
I was once a grandchild and loved my grandparents, they shared with me stories of the past and shared with me their dreams for my future.

Back then there was a future to dream for, although the big oil companies already knew what was ahead, they already knew they were destroying not just incomes for the poor but the whole planet, the planet that they and their families live on, the same planet we are on now.

I am hoping with all I have that each of you have a bright and wonderful future, but unlike me for you to have that you are relying on Governments across the world to join and agree and work together to save this planet of ours. Otherwise there is a very real chance you and Mumma and me could all die on the same day, the day our planet dies.

Love you with all my heart

Granny Jenny

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