Steph's Letter

To my children, Lily and Travis,

The future always seemed so far away and yet, here we are.
I hope it’s the future you always dreamed of!

I hope the world has shown you kindness and that you’ve shown kindness in return,
I hope you’ve found your purpose and you’re happy and thriving.
I hope you live without fears or regrets.
I hope you live in a world without judgement and we’re everyone’s routing for one another.
Especially you two. I hope you’ve stuck by each other and remained best friends.
I hope you still help others without question and I hope your imaginations are still wild and free.
I so hope this world is a peaceful one.
I hope everyone can live in harmony and humans are doing better.

I hope you are the kind and beautiful souls I know you to be.
I hope you are still wild and wonderful and I hope you’ll always be caring and curious beings you are now.

But more than anything I hope you know how loved you are and how much you mean to me. You’re my whole world and I’d do anything on the planet to protect you, I hope you know my whole life was dedicated to your happiness.

I love you unconditionally, beyond any measure,
Always and forever.
Your mama

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