To my future self after ten years,

As a biological student, I expect you to become an ecologist works on wildlife conservation.
Under the current climate crisis, I hope it does not get worse at your time, and I hope all those amazing animals and plants still exist. At least, I hope we can still see those we are familiar with.
If you have been to Africa, I hope you can still see lions. If you have been to Arctic, I hope you still see harp seal cubs and polar bears. If you walks in some park of UK, I hope you can still see red squirrels, and all those different kinds of flowers. If......
Hope you manage to persuade more people into protecting our nature and all those amazing creatures.
Hope new agricultural technologies bring down price of organic products to make them more affordable.
Hope electrics and electronics are made with better functions, but less energy consumption.
Hope renewable energy can be seen everywhere, support every family.
Hope indigenous people around the world keep their cultures and lands, which also help conservation of nature.
Hope there is no politic border in the protection of this planet's vitality.

Junkai Zhang,

Your past self from ten years ago,
Biology Year 3 student at University of Aberdeen

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