Marty Foster 's Letter

To my niece and nephews ,

I've always been a lucky uncle, who has loved times together with you where we talked about animals we love and animals we would love to meet one day in our future.
You've seen the lovely paintings Nana has created, paintings of beautiful countryside scenes, most of which were from her imagination because they're beautiful places she would love to visit.
Wouldn't our world be a sad place without those beautiful animals and the countryside they live in? I'd be so sad to know that you won't get to enjoy them when you're old enough to travel the world and explore, showing me the photos of beautiful animals you'd found when you come home.
I love this world, but I think we treat it so badly, which is not right and very unloving.
I hope those animals will still be around in their beautiful homes for your children and their children too. If love to see those photos sometime.
Be nice to our planet. It's the only one we have and it needs our help more than ever.

Take care,

Uncle Marty.

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